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Welcome to my website! My name is Michaela and I ama licensed tour guide for Milan and its lakes ( Maggiore, Como and Orta).

Have you ever been in Milan?Are you going to visit the fashion city?

I am native Milanese and I have a very good knowledge of my land with its several charming and artistic sites: Milan, Varese, the Lake Maggiore and their Villas , the Vallies, the mountains but also typical gastronomy, ancient traditons and folklore. I can help you planning your itineraries in order to satisfy at the best your interests and demands.

Last but not least, at the end of a guided tour enjoy the famous gastronomic tradition: the aperitivo. Starting from a particular hour in most bars you can enjoy a drink for a higher price than usual, but you get the unlimited access to snacks, salads and sometimes even proper dishes like tiramisu or pasta. It's a great atmosphere to catch up with lovers and friends!

I am looking foward to guiding you through the history and the treasures of the city!