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Michaela Monica Finali

I started working in tourism in  1997 as a travel agent. My job allows me to travel a lot, meet people from different countries, visit different regions and learn their different ways of life. In the year 2008 I started thinking to achieve the license for Tour guide in order to aim at disclosing the history and treasures of the city through an articulated range of itineraries.

Milan has a rich artistic heritage that goes well behind its most famous landmarks and whose discovery I promote and enhance through guided tours led by me both for adults and for children. I equally organizes visits to the temporary exhibitions in the city. I achieved, through exams issued by Region Lombardy, the obligatory authorization for tourist guide of Milan, Varese and Lake Maggiore and surrounding area. Two years later I achieved also the license for Tour Leader issued always by the Region Piedmont after specific examinations.

Nowadays I work as free lance with Italian and foreign travel agencies and tour operators ; guiding Italian, English and French groups. I am native of Milan and so I have a very good knowledge of my land with its several charming and artistic sites: Milan, Varese, the Lake Maggiore and their Villas , the Vallies, the mountains but also typical gastronomy, ancient traditons and folklore ... I can help you planning your itineraries in order to satisfy at the best your interests and demands.